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Just so you Know Anything Is Possible : A Poem for Inspiring The Creation Of Your Own Reality!

    What is Possible for you today? You are ready for anything, astonishing things, great things. Life is a mystery filled with adventure. Life anticipates you and you are ready for anything you watch your wildest dreams while getting the most out of this world fantasies. Whatever you have ever envisioned is becoming reality Read more »

From Man to Machine

From Man To Machine: A Look At The Social Impact Of Technology On Humanity When discussing the Law of Attraction, most people generally think of their interactions in real life – not the interactions that they have that involve a technical side of things. While it’s true that you can generally see the biggest effects Read more »

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” –Mark Twain Discovering Your Life’s Purpose! How can you discover your life’s purpose ? I’m not discussing your occupation, your every day obligations, or even your long term goals. I mean the genuine motivation behind Read more »

What is the difference between wealth and financial abundance?

Wealth and financial abundance Many people believe that wealth and financial abundance are synonyms, but, they are not. Wealth is something that has to be earned, worked for, stolen or deceived. While, financial abundance is the position you gain with the belief that you are wealthy. When we see all of this with a philosophical approach, money Read more »