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Rhythm On The Brain, And Why We Cant Stop Dancing

Music and dance are far from idle pastimes. They are universal forms of expression and deeply rewarding activities that fulfil diverse social functions. Both feature in all the worlds cultures and throughout history. A common feature of music and dance is rhythmic movement, which is often timed with a regular pulse-like beat. But the human Read more »

X-Men: Apocalypse review lots of bangs for your bucks but loopiness is lost

The most recent X Men prequel dates straight back to the 80s, but the now-regulation destruction is starting to eclipse the collection unique strangeness A gallery of mutations from generations-old and new is spread across Marvels hyper-active and excitable new Xmen film, directed by Bryan Singer, which appears to absorb thoughts of occult revival and Read more »

This is everything Burning Man 2016 got wrong about the Renaissance

On October 27, Burning Man announced that their art theme for 2016 will be influenced by the Italian Renaissance in Florence, which they are calling, “Da Vincis Workshop.” I’ve never taken much of an interest in Burning Man, but this caught my eye. I am a Ph.D. student in Art History focused on exactly the Read more »

Delving Into The Shadowy World Of Occult Art

“The word occult simply means hidden,” curator and writer Pam Grossman explained to The Huffington Post. Grossman is the curator of “Language of the Birds,” an exhibition now on view at New York University’s 80WSE Gallery. The exhibition’s title alludes to the mystical belief in a perfect, divine language, devised entirely of symbols, through which the Read more »

Everything we know about the 4 new wizarding schools from J.K. Rowling

We already knew that Hogwarts wasnt the only magical school in the Wizarding World, but now Pottermore is giving fans a proper introduction to some of the others. Pottermore revealed the names and history of four new wizarding schools throughout the world in a series of new posts late Friday, bringing the number of known Read more »

20 Reasons You Should Fall For Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Im a sucker for Valentines Day. I love the hearts, the chocolate (obviously) and the anticipation of what just might be the perfect date with the perfect guy. I even have special Valentines Day outfits in my closet: a magenta and white heart-print blouse, a color-block shirt that boldly pairs red with pink and boasts Read more »

Isaac Newton’s ‘philosopher’s stone’ recipe discovered

( Potter was not the only one after the thinker’s stone. Isaac Newton’s lately found manuscript is his hand written duplicate of mid-17th century Harvard alchemist George Starkey’s process for making “sophick mercury,” a material viewed as a primary ingredient for the thinker’s stone, a fabled rock used in alchemy.

The Kids now adays ……are now Practicing Alchemy

Read more: Kareem MaizeHi my name is Kareem Maize and welcome to my personal blog. I am 26 year old musician and information technology professional with a passion for learning new aspects of life everyday. On my journey to express myself I began blogging to share my ideas with others. Now I intend to Read more »

The Power Of Prayer: Healing & Light Work

(CNN)When Americans experience health problems, they don’t just rely on doctors and medications. A new study found that most Americans have turned to prayer to heal themselves and others.   The study found that about nine out of 10 Americans have relied on healing prayer at some point in their lives, with most of them Read more »