Monthly Archives: <span>July 2016</span>

Welcome to the new age of uncertainty

Will Brexit ever happen? Could Trump win? Is my job safe? The future right now looks headspinningly unpredictable. Is there any way to avoid this fear, anxiety and paralysis, and learn to thrive in a world in flux? One day recently, I sat in a school hall listening to a headteacher explain why us parents Read more »

Damn, this Etsy yarn shop is metal as f**k

You can never fault the internet for being caring. The ability of anonymous netizens from all over the globe to give a shit is a truly beautiful (if not always meme-able) sight. Sometimes we even care a little too much. Tag yourself I’m Barbie’s Forgotten Dress Kendra W (@kendrawcandraw) July 6, 2016 I’m “flamingo flying Read more »