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Leicester City getting rid of Claudio Ranieri now is hardly madness | Barney Ronay

Leicester City won the title last season by being ruthless and clear-sighted so Claudio Ranieris exit with only 13 league games left makes sporting sense Like all the best fairytales Leicester Citys title story came to an end on Thursday night with a bracing little touch of cruelty. This is usually the way of these Read more »

I got Gryffindor pyjamas for my 27th birthday: fans on 20 years of Harry Potter

From academics to school sweethearts, superfans raise a broom to the boy wizard When I was eight, I got my first pair of glasses. Far from being teased at school, the only hassle I got was endless requests to try on my new specs. My father looked at me with suspicion. Had I faked the Read more »

Scientists are armed with the truth. But to win this culture war, theyll need more than that | Anne Perkins

We all love science when its making life better, longer and easier. Its a much harder sell when it points to inconvenient truths about our way of life There is an old joke about being able to tell an extroverted scientist: instead of staring at their shoes when they talk to you, they stare at Read more »

How England’s first wave of heavy metal football conquered Europe | Paul Doyle

In the 1970s and 1980s, English success on the pitch and on stage was rooted in a bleak, uncompromising landscape where the only escape was to become a footballer or start a band Originally published in here, and follow Eight by Eight on Twitter. Read more: Kareem MaizeHi my name is Kareem Maize and Read more »

God in the machine: my strange journey into transhumanism

The long read: After losing her faith, a former evangelical Christian felt adrift in the world. She then found solace in a radical technological philosophy but its promises of immortality and spiritual transcendence soon seemed unsettlingly familiar I first read Ray Kurzweils book, The Age of Spiritual Machines, in 2006, a few years after I Read more »

Summer 2017’s best movies: from Scarlett Johansson’s hen night to Morrissey’s teen years

Pops great miserablist gets a biopic, Scarlett Johansson has stripper trouble, Charlize Theron explodes into ultraviolence, and Union deserter Colin Farrell shakes up a girls school during the US civil war Churchill The first of the years two biopics about Sir Winston. The autumn will see Gary Oldman offering blood, sweat, tears and toil in Read more »

The Fate of the Furious review – Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson ensure franchise still has va-va-vroom

The latest instalment of the car-based action thriller also called Fast &amp; Furious 8 has lost none of its zip, and even gained Charlize Theron, Jason Statham and Helen Mirren The resurgence of Fast and the Furious from straight-to-DVD-destined three-wheeler to multiplex monolith has been one of the more unlikely cinematic successes of recent years. Read more »

Angela Wrightson killers: A friendship that ended in murder – BBC News

Image copyright Cleveland Police Image caption The two girls are pictured returning to Angela Wrightson’s home in the early hours of 9 December, where they would continue the attack For two young teenagers the night of 8 December 2014 began like many others. But by the next morning the two girls would be murderers, having Read more »

Of microbes and machines: How art and science fuse in bio-art

(CNN)There is science in art — the alchemy of paint, the binary codes computing away in a camera, the expressive anatomy in portraiture and sculpture. There is art in science — the artistic precision of the scalpel, the cool aesthetics of the laboratory, and the intimate observations undertaken by scientists to discover new materials and Read more »

The Founders Nick Offerman: Being American means that I have to stand up and march

The Parks and Recreation stars new film charts the rise of McDonalds head honcho Ray Kroc. He talks about resisting the rise of another capitalist narcissist Hi, Nick. Were you disappointed that quite fitting for the times. It does. Unintentionally, too. Its areally fascinating story, and the timing just worked out. It lined up quite Read more »