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Yearly Archives: <span>2019</span>

Fedor Emelianenko vs. ‘Rampage’ Jackson Live Stream: How To Watch Bellator Without Cable

  Ten years ago, when I was still horrified by the installment loans online with bad credit  and saw it as nothing more than evidence of civilization’s collapse, Fedor Emelianenko (38-6-1) and Quentin “Rampage” Jackson (38-13) showed me the error of my ways. They became my guides through an awful world, my Virgils, the conduits Read more »

Paul Volcker obituary

Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board in the 1980s who saw off inflation and later criticised financial deregulation Paul Volcker, who has died aged 92, was the most eminent financial statesman of his generation, the sworn enemy of the abuse of finance in any of its manifestations. That could be indulging inflation as the Read more »

How Graham Norton’s chat show became a TV blueprint

“Those combinations on the couch, they’re pre-determined or pre-mediated to an extent… but there’s an alchemy on the night that you just can’t predict.” Report End of Youtube post by BBC Image Copyright BBC BBC Norton shot to fame as a stand-up comedian and actor, appearing in three episodes of Father Ted. He got his Read more »

Mariah Carey: make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you | Rebecca Nicholson

So many near misses now shes No I in the US charts After 25 years of providing the definitive soundtrack to Christmas parties everywhere, and just two wonderful months as the devoted face of pigs in blanket-flavoured crisps, Mariah Carey has finally hit the No 1 spot for the very first time with All I Read more »

2019 wasn’t global protests and Fleabag: it was the year a climate truth bomb dropped | Brigid Delaney

Many of us suddenly woke up, stopped disassociating and realised the party was over When I think about 2019, there is one scene that springs to mind, something that sums up the milieu so perfectly that it almost seems art-directed. There we were two weeks ago at Rose Bay on the waters edge, waiting for Read more »

Daisy Ridley: JJ Abrams warned me that Star Wars is a religion

She was working in a pub when she was cast in the franchise. Six years and three movies later, is the force still strong? Daisy Ridleys earliest childhood memory is of a party hosted by her parents at their family home in west London, when she was three, maybe four. She was surrounded by grownups, Read more »

This dark material: the black alchemy that can arrest carbon emissions

Not only does biochar trap carbon in its creation, it is heating homes in Sweden and feeding cows in Lincolnshire It traps carbon in the ground for centuries, boosts plant growth, provides a sustainable heat source and could even reduce methane emissions from cows. Biochar may not be a silver bullet to combating the climate Read more »

Edward Norton and Thom Yorke: ‘The last thing we wanted was for it to get bloody’

Over tea and tequila, the actor and the rock star discuss making Motherless Brooklyn, the dark forces behind Trump and why Yorke was too messed up to score Fight Club In Edward Nortons new film, Motherless Brooklyn, a keening ballad blows in and out, affecting the narrative and painting the prevailing mood with a deep Read more »

No, Simon Cowell, it’s not ‘time for UK-Pop’

(CNN)On Halloween in 2009, a perky quintet known as Wonder Girls became the first K-Pop group to crack the Billboard Hot 100 with their catchy, music-video driven, Korean-language single “Nobody.” Its top stars grace the covers of magazines and sell out stadiums. Lionsgate just announced a Rebel Wilson movie about an aspiring Korean American pop Read more »

‘Frozen 2’ delivers for those willing to chill out and enjoy

(CNN)The alchemy that made “Frozen” such a monster hit can’t be easily replicated, and isn’t entirely in its six-years-later sequel. But “Frozen 2” delivers enough of what made the original hum to warm the hearts of a generation of tykes that have gobbled it up, while almost certainly adding happiness to Disney’s holidays. All that Read more »