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Zero stars: is James Franco’s starry Zeroville the worst film of 2019?

The actor-writer-directors adaptation of Steve Ericksons 2007 book on 70s Hollywood is a film of staggering incompetence All things considered, March 2011 was a pretty good month for James Franco. Years before the unseemly scandals that have since marred his career, he enjoyed the level of industry cachet befitting a young talent coming off their Read more »

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid at 50: their charm lives on

The 1969 western paired Paul Newman and Robert Redford to magical effect and remains one of the most undeniably entertaining westerns to date The horse is dead. Its the middle of a tense scene in the 1969 smash Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The town sheriff is attempting to round up a posse to Read more »

Our relationship is perfect except we dont have sex | Dear Mariella

Dont compromise on such a vital element of a committed relationship, says Mariella Frostrup The dilemma Ive been with my boyfriend for a year and its been near perfect, if not for the fact we dont have sex. It dwindled after three months and I attempted to initiate it even though its not really my Read more »

The best houses in ‘Skyrim’ and how to get them

In the nearly eight years years sinceSkyrim: The Elder Scrolls V was released, fans still havent gotten tired of wandering the snowy reaches of Tamriel. The fantastic characters, imaginative creatures, and gripping quests of this world never stopped entertaining the masses of fans who still flock to this game. But whether youre playing through for Read more »

The 10 ‘Skyrim’ races and their unique perks explained

Its been nearly a decade since gamers took their first steps into Bethesdas ambitious open world of.Despite the long years that have passed, this groundbreaking game is still a fan favorite.So the question remains:Which of theSkyrim races is best for your play style? There are so many ways to playSkyrimwe may never get bored. Its Read more »

Paul Cattermole: Ive been answering S Club 7 questions for 20 years

Paul Cattermole found stardom with 90s pop kids S Club 7, but says being in the band brought him only pain and poverty Paul Cattermole is explaining what its like to be famous. Ive been on stage and seen a bra swirling in the air, coming to land on my head, he says. I tended Read more »

Let’s Face It: The 2019 Summer Movie Season Was Dreadful

Profits dipped and quality plunged. Ticket sales in the United States and Canada are projected to total $4.33 billion, a 2% decline from last year, according to the media analytics firm ComScore. But the fine print is what’s important. Disney monopolized the summer to a vast degree, meaning a disconcerting amount of that revenue belongs Read more »