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10 Ways To Be More Productive

No matter how old you are, no matter where you are in life, you’re going to want to look at being more productive. If you can apply several elements mentioned below, you will end up gaining serious benefits down the line. Just a little push forward could get you that edge that will pay off dividends over time. The following are just 10 of the many ways that you can get a jump start on whatever it is you’re doing, whether personal or professional.

Wake Up Earlier

This is not a call to get up at the crack of dawn. However, start working towards at least one hour before you usually get up. Start with just 15 minutes earlier, then after that becomes easy, give yourself 30 minutes more, and eventually work towards an hour or even two hours before you normally get up. If you can do this, you will end up getting a leg up on your day, guaranteed.

Plan At Least A Day Ahead

Always be ahead, and focus on planning your days ahead of schedule. The day before you start working on any given project, focus on planning how you will take it on. This will help you not only accomplish the right elements, but it will streamline your process. If you find yourself getting through your days too easy, then plan 2 days ahead and 3 days ahead. Take on more and more cycles of work ahead of schedule, and you’ll end up with a positive result.

Move Your Phone Away From Your Desk

Don’t check your phone all the time. Taking too much time to look at your phone will diminish your productivity. Check your emails, texts, and messages less and less until you are no longer looking at it often. If you can discipline yourself here, you will end up with a positive result.

Get A Digital Timer

How much are you really working? Get a digital timer and set it to 2 hours, for instance, and see how much work you truly get done. Fight towards more efficient work, and you will end up with a positive endeavor. This is a productivity hack that will pay off over time.

Give Yourself Breaks

Whether you’re working at home or you’re working at an office, make sure that you take your breaks. Walk away from your desk, and make sure that you are not focusing on social media, your phone, or anything that is digital. Walk away, go outside, find a way to truly unwind and let yourself recharge, you will end up with a positive result, guaranteed.

Set Long Term Goals

It’s good to stay ahead, but make sure that you are also setting long term goals for yourself. Do not just have a long term goal that is months ahead, but rather how you will end up achieving them. Write down a few ideas and steps that you want to rise to finish off your plans. Setting up goals is good, but don’t just look at them as too far off to be concerned.

Write Down Ideas

This is one of the best things that you can do, write things down. Always write down what you’re thinking, ideas, notes, and keep them around. Review them here and there and see if you can include them into your long term plans. If you don’t write anything down, you’re going to end up losing out on some golden options.

Recap Your Day (Journal)

Recap your day by journaling what you’ve done in print. Write down on a piece of paper what you did, and what (if anything) was left over. Always make sure that you have things written down and make it a point to think about what you’ve been working on throughout your day so that you are able to adjust to be more efficient.

Get Some Help

When things get out of hand, or you find yourself amidst chaos, ask for help. Look into outsourcing some projects, and perhaps finding an internet, an assistant or someone that you can get for a low cost. If you just have someone answer your emails or organize your messages, you will save time and create more definitive work over time. It’s ok to ask for help, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as you think.

Last but not least Do Not Answer Every Phone Call

If you’re getting a lot of phone calls, don’t answer them all. Don’t even check your phone, instead, let them go to voice mail. If something is legitimately important, a message will get left behind. Not all calls that you receive are imminent, so don’t treat them all as such. Let some people leave messages, call them back at an appropriate time, and schedule time into your day to move forward in this manner.

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