Breaking your social comfort zone: Showing Interest in all walks of life to build a network of talented individuals


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If you take an interest in other people they will take an interest in you !

The subject matter of this article is so important that I feel it is indispensable, reasons which can be very obvious, you will agree with me, that the world has become a global village in this twenty first century where information technology has broken “high grounds”, bringing distance to nothing, how wonderful it is to sit in your living room, school and office and communicate with someone in another continent via social media and other communication gadgets.

Generally speaking, to be able to benefit immensely from the numerous opportunities that are abound in the social networks, we have decided to tag this article breaking your comfort zone: what is your comfort zone, it is that location where you are very much pleased with your self, not wanting to associate with others but rather mind your own business, sometimes this can make you an introvert, yes! Really if you do not take much interest in other peoples disposition, work, social life, what they do and so on and so forth you may not be able to communicate effectively to win them over to your side, especially when you are engage in a business or services that deals with people and requires patronage. You must have to be able to develop interest in people from all works of life to be able to build a strong data base of clientele.

To start with, you have to love yourself and love what you do if it is a positive thing you are engage in, it is when you derive happiness and joy within yourself that you can be able to impart, transfer, influence and transmute that joy and happiness to others effectively.

If you are a kind of person that is an introvert always particular about yourself and not interested in mingling with people, you need a change of attitude. You can actually move from being an introvert to being an extrovert by socializing and meeting people, developing interest in other peoples’ lives and be interested in what they do. In return, the effect is simply just doing yourself a very big favour, when you are interested in others and make yourself available to help, then you will never be forgotten, when you make an offer, it will definitely be irresistible for people whom you have been there when they needed you the most.

Through friendship, social media, networking, group movement and so many other means, these can help you build a strong and unique talented individuals who come together for a specific purpose that will proof to be effective in communicating mutual and beneficial network, business, family and a kind of relationship that will wax strong in every ramification.

If you are the shy type, you don’t have to necessarily meet with the somebody one on one, the beauty of socializing through the social media has resolve the difficulty of having to meet someone physically. For instance, facebook and other similar social media can enable us to actually communicate and socialize even without us seeing physically, so no need to cry out or feeling shy to meet someone to share your ideas with or actually communicate or socialize with.

The advantages are too numerous, you can take the opportunities it offers to introduce yourself, your work, business or services to any would be or prospective friend on such a social media. Now that there are various platforms of social media and Apps available on google play, you can actually download some of these apps on your mobile phone which enhances your ability to benefit from social media platforms to socialize, share ideas, get to know and meet people from all works of life getting them to share life experiences with you and other members of your group in the platform.



Learn from Experts to become an expert

While we explore the benefits however, you should be mindful and careful on your mode of communication and what you share or post or discuss, some may not tolerate obscenity, abuse and negative activities may not be welcomed in some of this social media platforms.

Your targeting individual professionals who are talented, then you need a very positive attitude to win someone over to your side who is responsible, you must have to do the right things too, to get recognition and be recommended for jobs or any events available at your disposal in such organization or links.

Maintaining followings and tweeter handle, following other people and while doing so you make positive and constructive comments which will further enhance your image and personality on the social media. You can actually share your expert knowledge, where you specialize in counseling and rendering services that adds value to people’s life, such can also be encourage anywhere.

These activities mentioned above will expose you and knowing friends that will further add value to your life . After all is set then you can get a group where you carry out expert discussions and share ideas, questions and answers etc. building a strong talented, career oriented educated and well informed individuals where you can make friends with, who come together with the same mind set of making a success of the aims and objectives of the group.

Always try to break your social comfort zone

As we advance in academics and age, we cannot ignore the fact that at certain points in time in our career, there will be a need on our part to work on public relations, either for individual or the organization we belong. It is also important if we become diplomats, we cannot do without it, we may be asked to represent our various countries at different capacities as ambassadors, and our reputation and that of our country is at stake, projecting the true and positive image of our country is a top priority and we cannot do this successfully by remaining in our social comfort zone, we must have to break it, show interest in other people in other to be able to advance to the next level. To be interested in other people is reciprocal, when you care others will also care for you.

Therefore it is wise and a very good thing in “Breaking your social comfort zone: Showing Interest in all walks of life to build a network of talented individuals opening your mind to different walks of life is necessary. IF you take an interest in other people they will take an interest in you !

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