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What is The Entrepreneur Power Hour?

What is The Entrepreneur Power Hour?    Origins Me and Chris have always had a entrepreneurial spirit. The idea of working for someone else  and letting some control your destiny is no way to live your life. We had tried alot of different systems to become financially independent and none of them worked. Going from system to Read more »

Your Business & Social Media

  How To Create A Business Connection Through Social Media Social media is connecting millions of people with connecting with professionals of all industries. While this may seem like a complicated endeavor, you can try your luck with this, if you take on the goal of learning how to do it right. Creating a business Read more »

The Art Of Writing Timeless Content

  “The writer is the engineer of the human soul.”-Joseph Stalin How to write timeless content When it comes to getting followers, getting fans, and everything else, you can never have content that is low quality and actually expect things to work out well for you. The best blog posts and photos are absolutely timeless, Read more »