Emotion the key to belief

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What does emotion have to do with belief?

Is emotion really that powerful?? Everyone has emotions but what is the significance of  being in a different emotional state such as happiness, anger , or sadness. I used to belief the emotions I had were simply regulated to my internal existence and had no consequence  on the outside world. I soon discovered from personal experience  this was a flawed method of thinking. When I began my journey of trying to manifest the objects I wanted in my life I was simply trying to just think of them with no emotional attachment whatsoever. My results were very hit and miss sometimes when I thought about what I want I would get it other times nothing would happen. That’s when  I decided  to read the book the Isaiah effect written by Greg Bradden.


Changing my emotions changed my results and my life

After reading the book, I made a decision to place this “new” understanding of  manifestation into practice. Instead of thinking about  one thing and acting as if  it doesn’t presently exist in my life I did just the opposite. I made a decision to focus my emotion on the end result and I started feeling how it feels to have my needs manifested alreadly.  You can start by asking yourself what does the experience of having this new house, car, or partner feel like. Once you get that feeling start of fullfilment start cultivating it on a relativity often if not daily basis. This pratice changed my life and it can change yours as well.  This ultiamtely resulted in two major life shifts. I started feeling completely confident my desire would come about in some way. The results were not instantly noticeable but I observed that by changing my focus I felt assured that what I so desperately wanted would happen. Results started manifesting as long as I maintained the emotion of already being in the desired state or having the object I wanted. If nothing else, it positively is altered my outlook for the better and I encourage everyone to attempt to change their attitude based on this simple idea. I know what your thinking and a multitude of people tell me “Kareem you can’t prove it” or “show me scientific evidence of this” which is the main reason I feel many people never use the power of emotion to change their circumstances. You are free to criticize any belief system but consider any paradigm you choose to follow will be based on a positive feeling towards it. If a strong belief in science and empirical evidence is what makes you feel good you will default to that. This is also true for various religions and spiritual pratices in various cultures all across the world. Realize that emotion is the key component of creating any beliefs based on a repeated experience or set of experiences. This lead me to my next realization.

Emotion can make you a powerful creator of your own life

The second big paradigm shift I discovered is that is that your are a powerful creator of your own life! A few years ago I would have never suggested the events and circumstances in my life were due to the emotions I was feeling. While this may seem crazy if you think about placebo effects patients under go they are based on feeling better and creating an emotion of being healthy without the use of a known medical cure.   From a spiritual perspective, one may say that it’s the devil making an attempt to sabotage ME (although I don’t subscribe to the notion of a literal devil). From my very own perspective, though, I merely feel that it’s a matter of altering your emotional state from fulfillment to lack which in turn changes your limiting beliefs to empowering ones.

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