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I’m just curious are you being PAID what your worth?



Hey entrepreneurs and people who are tired of a simple 9-5 job. I want to ask you a serious question. Are you being paid what your worth? Now before you laugh or say “Kareem that’s crazy is this another scam?” turn the tables and ask your self that question. Are you currently happy with what your doing in your life? Not just the money but time and freedom wise? Do you have the time and the means to do what you truly love? One of greatest feelings in life is the ability to do what you want with who you want where you want to do it! The feeling of freedom is the greatest payment in the world not money. Your time is your most valuable asset because it cannot ever be replaced. If you are ready to take your time back and get paid your worth I have three Valuable pieces of advice for you!!


Why Join?

1. You need to balance your giving and receiving! What does your breathing and your bank account have in common? You need to receive air before you can exhale with it and you need to have money before you can spend it. On the same token you need to realize your own value and your own skills before you can get paid your value.
2.Negative beliefs and emotions are preventing you from ultimately claiming your true value and embarking on your life purpose. When you have negative emotions cloud your thoughts and you create negative beliefs out of them its becomes difficult to ask for you value in this life. Emotions like fear, doubt, shame ,guilt, worry, drive us further from our goals and from taking a chance on our dreams because they reinforce all the potential problems that could happen and force us into an analytical state.
3.Finally negative emotions and belief systems are tough to tackle and having a good mentor and a strong class to help you will make you achieve results much faster than on your own. Imagine if their was a class that allowed you to reclaim your value, your time, and your allowed you the chance to explore without judgement. This isn’t just a class this is a paradigm shift. IF you are ready for a paradigm shift and to start getting paid you value then its time to look at this class Paymewhatimworth. 

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What is In The Course?

Paymewhatimworth is a year long class taught be A man named Soul Dancer(yes that’s his real name). Soul Dancer is monk. author, shaman, and teacher with a life purpose of helping people reclaim their value by allowing them to explore beliefs that are hindering their self worth. The course consists of a real work book, an interactive forum with your fellow teammates, and a weekly call were you can mastermind your ideas with your teammates in different breakout rooms. I have been taking this course for a month now and I have made some drastic changes. Once you complete the course you have opportunity to pay for it creating your own team and helping them out in addition to all the powerful lessons you have learned.
Changes It’s Made
1. I no longer fear or get anxious about spending money towards my business or personal items I want.
2.During the class and when making forums posts I only talk about my personal experiences instead of using the “we” phrase so I don’t lecture or compare my self with other people.
3.Finally I have learned their is no negative aspect of receiving. Giving consistently with out receiving takes everything out of balance in our personal an business life.


How To Join??

If you are seriously interested in GETTING PAID WHAT YOUR WORTH check out and enter your info click the radio button that Kareem Maize sent you then click submit. Also if you are interested in a sample of the class check out this awesome blog talk radio interview


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Your time is limited its time to start getting paid what you are worth NOW!!!! You get a workbook, a weekly live class, a chance to interact with others on the forums, a chance mastermind your ideas without fear of judgement, and a way to pay for the class. IF it’s time for you to start getting paid what your worth just go here  I promise you are in for a life changing experience.

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