How does the law of attraction work???



 In the end you regret less the things you believed that weren’t true than the things that never came true because you didn’t believe. ~Robert Brault

Breaking down the law of attraction

Many of my friends have recently asked me “Kareem what is the law of attraction really about?”  The law of attraction has  basically been categorized by pop culture as this  new age phenomenon asserts  people can get their desires by simply by thinking  about them. This is a simplfied version of this concept no little to no depth. My last post on “The Secret”explains why in greater detail.  For me this this concept called the Law of Attraction means the right beliefs are needed to create the right actions. Your dominants beliefs will always dictate what you act upon and manifest. For an example   Famous books like “Think and grow rich”by Napoleon hill and “The Science Of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles have utilized the importance of taking action which has transformed many lives.  These authors are encouraging the reader to whole heartdly focus on their desire  while taking consistent actions

The law of attraction is the belief that one’s mental inclination attracts similar external circumstances and events; positive or negative. It suggests that our dominant beliefs and attitudes draw the people and things we want in life. The belief systems you hold dominant are working in your life right now, whether you are aware of it or not, so it’s only wise to use it for your benefit.


How it works


The main force behind the Law of Attraction is the beliefs that originate our emotions and feelingsThe only means to manifest what you desire of your outer world is to change the vision that lies your inner world. When you combine your thoughts with powerful emotions, they will be turned into beliefs what will allow you to achieve what you have intended.


Steps- How to Use the Law of Attraction

  1. Be absolutely certain about what you want and intend it.

Whatever it is, whether its money, a car or a spouse, make up your mind about it. Wanting something is the first step to getting it

  1. Focus on it; visualize it in your mind.

This will require your constant conscious awareness which may take some practice. You have to actively program you brain to concentrate on that which you want.

  1. Expect it

Just like you would when you order for a home delivery, anxiously waiting for it to get to your door step, maintain that heightened anticipation for what you want from the universe.

  1. Act like you already have it

Condition your mind to actually believe that you’ve finally gotten what you want. Enjoy and revel in it.

  1. Be grateful

Thanks the universe for the gift.

The law of attraction can play a transformational role in your personal development. If you religiously adhere to the steps described then you will begin to see positive changes in your life and eventually things will finally start to go your way.

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