Levels Of Consciousness

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What is consciousness?

Consciousness is basically the awareness that you have in regards to your environment and to everything that happens around you. When we are conscious about our surroundings, we tend to make better decisions that will affect our lives in a very positive way. Everything we do is going to be affected by the degree of consciousness that we have. Our awareness of the actions of others and our awareness of our own actions will shape our entire lives. If you always keep this in mind, you will have success in life and your relationships with others will also be much better.

In the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, there’s a hierarchy of levels of human consciousness.  If you analyze this book its pretty easy to see where you are at on this hierarchy by looking at your current life state of affairs. The different levels of  consciousness the book outlines are shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, temperament, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment.

Why worry about Consciousness

Your level of Conscious is a great way to gauge and determine your personal growth. These short descriptions of each level can aid you in understanding where you are and where you may have been as a person interested in personal growth. This can also help you set some goals on where you would like to go on this journey we call life. Rising from one level to a different can lead to monumental modification in your life.



What are The Levels of Consciousness


People who are contemplating suicide or serial killers are at this level. This is the lowest level of existence a human can experience because they are thinking of ending their existence or the existence of others.


This is a level above shame but you are still contemplating suicide. You cannot not get over your actions from the past as they torment you. Ultimately you cannot forgive yourself for past transgressions.


This is a feelings of complete hopelessness. While people in this state are not violent they may be in a desperate situation like being homeless or indifferent to the world around them.


A state of perpetual disappointment and loss. This can happen after a bad life event such as loss of finances, health, or a loved one. Depression is above beyond apathy because you feel some emotion .


You find the world to be a dangerous and malicious place where people  are out to get you at ever turn.  This is a sort of Hobbesian existence where one is struck with constant paranoia. Think of someone who lives a secluded life from the majority of people.


This is a state where the ego is attached to a source of materialism. Think of people who are obsessed with over eating, drinking, smoking, drugs , sex , or some other form of pleasure.


The extent of frustration, usually from not having your wishes met at the lower level. This level will spur you to action at higher levels, or it will keep you stuck in hate. Think people in an abusive relationship, While this is a very powerful emotion it  can be a very dangerous one.


You start to feel a positive effect at this level but it is fake feeling. It’s hooked in to external circumstances (money, prestige, etc), thus it’s vulnerable. Pride will result in nationalism, racism, and non secular wars. Think Nazis or Statists. A state of irrational denial and sensitivity. Crazy Religious fundamentalists are at this level. You become so intertwined with your beliefs that  you feel an attack on them can warrant an attack in retaliation.


This is the first true level of positive personal development. At this level you engage in aspects such as  skill-building, career advancement, education, etc. you begin to visualize your future as  an improvement upon your past, instead of a continuation of it.


This level is epitomized by the phrase, “live and let live.” It’s versatile, relaxed, and unattached. no matter happens, you roll with the punches. You don’t have something to prove. You’re feeling safe and you fit in well with others. Numerous entrepreneurs and independent business owners at at this level . You’re taking care of your wants, however you don’t push yourself too exhausting.


These individuals are the role models of society. They handle their responsibility and don’t complain about them. These people are exceptional leaders, family people, figures for their community. At this level you become alot more organized and disciplined.


A robust shift happens, and you awaken to the chances of living proactively. At the level of temperament you’ve become competent, and currently you would like to place your talents to sensible use. this can be the extent of setting and achieving goals. If one thing isn’t right regarding your life (your career, your health, your relationship), you outline your required outcome and alter it. You begin to visualize the large image of your life a lot of clearly. This level drives many of us to modify careers, begin are placement business, or modification their diets. You start to look for your life purpose at this level.


At this level you transcend the emotional aspects of the lower levels and being to  analyze  things clearly and rationally. Hawkins defines this as the level of artistic expression and scientific discovery.  You’ve reached the purpose wherever you  believe you will create a great invention for humanity . Think to yourself I  grasp all  I need to place it to sensible use. You ask yourself  what’s the simplest use of my talents?” Think of individuals like Einstein and Sigmund Freud. Very few people reach this level in their entire lives.


This is not platonic or romantic love. In this state a human just loves unconditionally without any intention of reciprocity.  You love because you love life and wish to make it as good as humanly possible! People like Mother Teresa and Ghandi are at this level.


An insurmountable state of joy gives the individual great strength in this state. Echkart Tolle  describes this state as the Power Of Now. An individual in this state can observe the world with out creating any additional interpretation. They are not a victim of their mind or negative thoughts giving them the gift of joy and tranquility. Many people referred to as Saints in holy books are at this level.


This is a very rare state of consciousness where an individual can experience complete transcendence.


This is the highest of consciousness a human being can experience. Picture people who are spiritual teachers Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha. This is where the human element intersects with the divine element. Individuals at this level can raise your consciousness by bestowing their teachings on you.

What Levels of Consciousness are you?

I think you’ll notice this model deserve reflection. Not solely individuals however conjointly objects, events, and whole societies will be hierarchical at these levels. Inside your own life, you’ll see that some components of your life are at completely different levels than others, however you ought to be able to establish your current overall level. You may be at the level of neutrality overall but  still be dependent on smoking (level of desire). At the lower levels you discover a struggle within yourself that  holdsv you back  You  feel very galvanized once you raise your consciousness and feel the effect it can have. Consider the strongest influences in your life immediately. Which of them raise your consciousness? Which of them lower it?

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