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Tag Archives: Climate change

2019 wasn’t global protests and Fleabag: it was the year a climate truth bomb dropped | Brigid Delaney

Many of us suddenly woke up, stopped disassociating and realised the party was over When I think about 2019, there is one scene that springs to mind, something that sums up the milieu so perfectly that it almost seems art-directed. There we were two weeks ago at Rose Bay on the waters edge, waiting for Read more »

This dark material: the black alchemy that can arrest carbon emissions

Not only does biochar trap carbon in its creation, it is heating homes in Sweden and feeding cows in Lincolnshire It traps carbon in the ground for centuries, boosts plant growth, provides a sustainable heat source and could even reduce methane emissions from cows. Biochar may not be a silver bullet to combating the climate Read more »

Greta Thunbergs enemies are right to be scared of her message. Her new political allies should be too | Stephen Buranyi

Liberal leaders line up to praise her. Yet their inaction shows they are not really listening, says science writer Stephen Buranyi Greta Thunberg has made a lot of enemies. They are easy to recognise because their rage is so great they cannot help making themselves look ridiculous. Thunbergs arrival in the US earlier this month Read more »