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What does persistence mean to you?

What makes someone persistent? Distinct people use this word to state distinct things, and we can’t define persistence just by hearing what persons mean when they use it. When we desire a correct definition we must gaze to serious ones so we can understand what does persistence mean correctly. Persistence is the key to success Read more »


  Is success learned or inherent Is success in life something you were born with, or born into, or can you really get training to increase the grade of achievement in various localities in life? It is energizing to read and discover other people’s success stories, and from them we discover that it is wholeheartedly Read more »


  Find your motivation Motivation is defined as the method that initiates, tour guides and sustains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is what determinants us to act, if it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain information. What does motivation drive you to do ? It engages the biological, Read more »