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Tag Archives: failure

Get Paid What your Worth!!

  I’m just curious are you being PAID what your worth?   Hey entrepreneurs and people who are tired of a simple 9-5 job. I want to ask you a serious question. Are you being paid what your worth? Now before you laugh or say “Kareem that’s crazy is this another scam?” turn the tables Read more »

What is The Entrepreneur Power Hour?

What is The Entrepreneur Power Hour?    Origins Me and Chris have always had a entrepreneurial spirit. The idea of working for someone else  and letting some control your destiny is no way to live your life. We had tried alot of different systems to become financially independent and none of them worked. Going from system to Read more »

Leadership Skills & Origins

Originally Located At Warrior Life Leadership   Leadership is a skill that is hard to master, many people think that to be a leader all you need to do is be able to order people around. While leadership does involve getting people to do what you want, it isn’t as simple as ordering them around. Read more »

What Is Existence Truth and Self-Awareness

“The definition of existence is to be aware of consciousness”-Killswitch Engage Time will Not Remain What does it mean to exist? The power of existence is very hard to describe. We are born for some purpose but the main point is we are failing to know it. Personality growth or personal development can only happen Read more »

Why do we fail??

We all experience failure We all experience “failure” multipe time in our lives. Failure is a relative term. Its an expression, and the significance we allocate it is the thing that constitutes disappointment. Our encounters and life occasions figure out our perspective about failure. Simply in light of the fact that we couldn’t get what Read more »


  Is success learned or inherent Is success in life something you were born with, or born into, or can you really get training to increase the grade of achievement in various localities in life? It is energizing to read and discover other people’s success stories, and from them we discover that it is wholeheartedly Read more »