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White guys arent the only ones who can save the world

I have very red hair. Growing up in a big Irish Catholic family packed with redheads, my hair was the reddest. After a few years where unwanted attention made me wish I could look like everybody (anybody) else, I embraced my hair, becoming something of a redhead advocate. Its not a high priority, but I Read more »

I got Gryffindor pyjamas for my 27th birthday: fans on 20 years of Harry Potter

From academics to school sweethearts, superfans raise a broom to the boy wizard When I was eight, I got my first pair of glasses. Far from being teased at school, the only hassle I got was endless requests to try on my new specs. My father looked at me with suspicion. Had I faked the Read more »

Everything we know about the 4 new wizarding schools from J.K. Rowling

We already knew that Hogwarts wasnt the only magical school in the Wizarding World, but now Pottermore is giving fans a proper introduction to some of the others. Pottermore revealed the names and history of four new wizarding schools throughout the world in a series of new posts late Friday, bringing the number of known Read more »