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How to cook the perfect onion tart – recipe | Felicity Cloake

Onion tart hardly describes this sumptuous mess of sweet onions studded with bacon and slumped into a shortcrust case Described by chef quiche and a pissaladire and Flemish Lancashire butter pie and less antisocial than Jane Grigson, Gilles Pudlowskis Alsace Tradition, fries the onions for just three minutes, which does wilt them, but certainly doesnt Read more »

Rachel Roddys Italian sausage with tomato and pepper sauce recipe | A Kitchen in Rome

Rachel Roddy recipes: A rustic recipe for sausages in a rich pepper and tomato sauce inspired by the typically candid pages of Italian cookery idol Marcella Hazan delicious, everyday alchemy with flavours and textures that just work I bought my copy of Marcella Hazans Via del Moro, exquisite and grubby, sat down on the even Read more »