The Art Of Writing Timeless Content


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The writer is the engineer of the human soul.”-Joseph Stalin

How to write timeless content

When it comes to getting followers, getting fans, and everything else, you can never have content that is low quality and actually expect things to work out well for you. The best blog posts and photos are absolutely timeless, and are just as informative and entertaining now as they are in several years’ time. Most people can write something on their blog that gets people to chuckle once, but looks incredibly outdated in a couple of years. For most people, that’s okay. But, if you want to get loads of shares for years to come, it’s going to have to be better than that.

Writing posts and creating images that are truly timeless is something that doesn’t come out naturally for most people. However, with a gentle push in the right direction, writing classic posts will end up being a lot easier than expected. Here are some great guidelines for beginners who want to boost their quality level in the writing that they post.

Some Suggestions for writing timeless content

  • Use good grammar. No one wants to have to sit down and try to decipher something that can be interpreted five different ways. Keep an eye on punctuation, and curb longer, rambling sentences.

  • Remember that good content is related to subjects that people can relate to, over and over again. Certain subjects naturally have a certain classic appeal – relationships, food, housekeeping, and even health topics come to mind. When writing, ask yourself if the things you are talking about are relatable to many people that you know. If they are, then you’re on the write track.

  • Humor always sells. Humor is a powerful tool in the realm of writing, and it’s one that can easily help you grab more attention, more likes, and more traffic than ever before. And, really, who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh?

  • Keep the tone casual. Believe it or not, most readers, especially those who are casual readers who want to unwind with some good blog posts, generally want to read something that is written in a casual tone. Formal tones tend to be very offputting for many readers, and also can make things harder to understand.

  • Avoid using news as a very frequent topic. There are very few ways to date things faster than using current events as an important focal point in your blogging endeavors. Could you imagine trying to call a blog post that pokes fun at Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal up to date and modern? (We couldn’t, either!) Most major news scandals in the headlines today will not be remembered in 4 years, 8 years, or 12 years. Therefore, using current events as topics usually will not work out well for you.

  • If you’re offering advice on your blog, make sure that it is advice that will remain just as true now as it will later on. This can be difficult at times, but the truth is that the best advice is advice that has been true for centuries. Think about it – people generally don’t change, and there are a lot of habits of people that have remained constant for generations. By sticking to (mostly) tried and true methods, you’re adding a certain level of confidence about how long your blog post’s staying power is.

  • Read your content and ask yourself if it seems like it has staying power. While there’s always a certain level of influence that the time you post has on your blog, there’s also a certain level of common sense that you can have that will indicate whether or not your blog post will be cherished for a long time.

  • Keep core beliefs constant. Nothing can date a person more than flipflopping on major ideas and paradigms. Make an effort to keep the messages you send out constant from one month to another in order to avoid this gaffe.

  • Numbers often can lead to real answers, too. Large number of Facebook likes, Tweets, and comments relating to your content can reveal exactly how timeless that content is. Though this is not always the case, the truth of the matter is that timeless content will always have a little bit more sharing and staying power than posts that don’t cut the test of time. Trust us when we say this is a belief that will always ring true.

Timeless content is rewarding but not easy

Good content is not easy to create, nor should it be. There’s really very few authors who can consistently write good content without practice first. So, if your first couple of attempts are not that good, it’s often best to work harder until your writing quality improves. After all, writing is just like any other skill that you can master. You can’t really get too much better without practicing it.

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