The Importance Of Being Present

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. 

If you are anxious you are living in the future. 

If you are at peace you are living in the present.” -Lao Tzu

I live today in the present. Why is that so important you ask? The majority of my life I didn’t consider the present I always was thinking of my mistakes in the past or what trouble lied ahead in the future. Furthermore numerous years back I ran around worrying about the outcome of every little thing.  I would bounce around here and there and then here again between the past and the future. I would think things like: What on the off chance that I never become successful with my online business? What in the event I choke when I am about to take action I something I want? Why didn’t I approach that opportunity when I had the chance? My personality was detained by stresses and existed on dread of what could go wrong. The funny thing is nothing ever went wrong because I didn’t try.

Along these lines, I was loaded with what ifs and motivated by fear of what could happen. Nine out of ten individuals you know live this way. You may notice it in person but its likely they aren’t telling you. You know why? Because they don’t have a clue about that its happening. They are to content worrying about what could happen or what might happen to make something happen. If you are stuck in this state I want to give you a way to get out of this level of consciousness and show you a way to start taking action on these irrational fears .

Now is the ideal time to wake up and regain control of your mind. Once you master your consciousness and subconscious mind you can have anything you need in this world in light of the fact that nothing holds you back. With The right mindset set you will find not a damn thing can stop you! You can approach any opportunity or new venture with excitement instead of fear .You can converse with a gathering of multiple people from different backgrounds with ease. You can even that risks that would put people in awe without a second thought. The mind and the beliefs you create do shape your reality. So, how would you discipline your mind? Simply by being Present. Presence is one of the most powerful keys to focusing your mind at the task at hand.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream

of the future, concentrate the mind on the

present moment.” – Buddha

On the off chance that you know how to live in the moment then you can sidestep a ton of insane speculation your mind goes through for the duration of the day. Which will then allow you to spotlight on the present and in this manner help you focus on the assignment at hand. The next time you converse with a someone, attempt and stay in the “present minute” . Don’t stress all the possible outcomes. The minute that is occurring right now. For example, as you read this at this moment… As every saying enters your mind… are being present. You aren’t contemplating yesterday…or tomorrow…’re simply reading these words. How would you be able to do that when you encounter a task or an endeavor that scares you? Here’s what you do to help you stay in the moment and get that feeling of presence. Before you approach whatever you fear, take a full breath and smell the air.

As you move vibe your legs as they hit the ground. When you begin speaking or taking action take an extra second to feel your environment. If you are speaking with someone talk slowly and pay specific attention to the words statement leaving your mouth and talk slow. When you listen to the people hear every last sentence they say. Try to really embrace the moment and to observe without attempting to put interpretation on everything around you. You will find the beauty in life when you take a few extra seconds to just observe and enjoy all that is around you. The feeling of presence is to embrace the here and now so that you are not bogged down by fear or circumstance. This will give you the ability and the excitement to embrace the moments you share with people and yourself even. Numerous CEO’s and successful businessmen I have meet have all been present. When I spoke with them they are not playing with a cell phone or distracted by a laptop or anything around them. They are fully engaged in the environment or perhaps the current conversation with excitement and enthusiasm.

In case you’re not living in the present, you’re existing in dream. That appears to a be a really decent motivation to live in the present, isn’t that right? However how regularly would we say we are agonizing over things that have yet to come, how frequently do we thump ourselves for slip-ups that we’ve made, regardless of what amount of time has passed? Not just will living in the present have an emotional impact on your passionate prosperity, yet it can likewise affect your physical wellbeing. It’s long been realized that the measure of mental anxiety you convey can have an inconvenient effect on your wellbeing. In case you’re existing in the present, you’re existing in acknowledgement. You’re enjoying and accepting life as it is currently, not as how you wish it would have been. When you’re existing in acknowledgement, you acknowledge everything is finished as it seems to be. You can forget yourself for the oversights you’ve made, and you can have peace in your heart realizing that everything that ought to happen will.

The most exceedingly terrible part about living in the past or what’s to come is that you’re surrendering your individual experience on this planet . In case you’re not living now, you’re surrendering your life. You’re surrendering your energy to create life in the here and now. In the event that there are changes you’d like to make in life, its best to do it now. In case you’re existing in the past, you are unable to change it , its gone. In case you’re stressing over what’s to come, you’re existing some place that doesn’t exist. It hasn’t happened yet. In the event that you need to change your life, the main time you can do it is in the present. Anyhow first you have to acknowledge life as it seems to be. When it comes down to it your mind is the main thing that can keep you in the present. or take you out of the present. The present is all we have now so go out and make the most of it whether it is in relationships, business, health or whatever you choose to achieve.

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