Why I feel the Movie “The Secret” Is Misleading

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My take on  “The Secret” and its presentation

A few of my friends recently convinced me to watch the movie  The  Secret. I found overall it has a good message but there are some misleading ideas presented in this film. Here is an evaluation to consider if you actually sit down and what the movie . First of all, alot of the content was very attention-grabbing due to the mysterious atmosphere at the beginning of film presented . I said to myself well after all this movie is called The Secret I am going to gain some rare knowledge. Initially I had no negative feeling concerning the Secret, and could find no reason to begin criticizing it. After all, I believe the law of attraction in and of itself is an incredibly powerful tool to advance your life, to advance your career, to advance your relationships, to advance your personal development. I believe however, the method within which the Secret gave isn’t the most effective way to apply positive changes in your life. I was very doubtful of this films validity after watching a number of the scenes within the Secret, as a result of I attempted to connect them with the way I used the law of attraction in my very own life. Now to give you a bit of background the “The Secret” is based on Hermetic philosophy which originates from Hermes in Greek Mythology. The basic idea behind hermetic philosophy from my understanding is that mind, body , and soul are one. While presenting different ideas from this belief  system will cause you to feel smart, it will inspire you,  it does not  truly provide you any techniques or a way to of a way to apply them. It tends to be sort of a psychological feature attempting to contain some hidden esoteric or ancient meaning. From that, I see that almost all individuals who watch The Secret don’t truly begin to use the law of attraction in their life. I’m way more concerned about people who  truly want to change their life in a positive direction without all the fluff stuff that goes around with it.


I don’t think The Secret is bad but I don’t think it is helpful

I actually have nothing extremely dangerous to mention concerning The Secret, however I will be able to criticize it on a handful of technical points. These are a few observations I made when I saw within The Secret that I perceived as being deceptive. If you’re wholly new the law of attraction, and you simply watch it you might be misled by the subsequent points.  There is a  suggestion or an  implication that there are paranormal forces at work in the law of attraction, that they manifest reality, and that they perform magical acts that change in the universe. There are also incorrect scientific notions and ideas in the film. The Secret depicts waves coming out of your head and hitting some object, and so that object gets drawn to you magnetically. The uses of Quantum theory The Secret presents aren’t helpful because at this time in history we are just beginning to understand Quantum Mechanics and it is very difficult right now to make solid claims on this subject.  I will admit I have my thoughts on how Quantum Mechanics affects the Law of attraction or physical reality for that matter. I am also all for speculation of how Quantum Theory works I just don’t think it is fair to make definite assertions at this time. The part is disagree with the most is that  they are saying the method ought to be straightforward and easy which sounds good but ultimately is not true from my experience.  In The Secret   they interview famous people like Oprah and Will Smith to depict that celebrities gained their success due to these techniques shown in the movie. Ultimately, I don’t believe that any external source can or will create the reality you want whether it be some paranormal force, a celebrity, or even a quantum physics guy. So you ask “What do I need to do you suggest Kareem and why should I listen to you??”. While I am not a celebrity or a famous person I have made significant changes in my life by developing and disciplining my mind to achieve the goal I desired.   This concept goes back to the traditional mystics in different regions of the world. This concept  also goes back to Buddha. This concept goes back to teachings like Lao Tzu, ancient Hindi texts, and ancient Roman and Greek philosophy. Ultimately, the people who  had it right you ask you to discipline and master your mind. Your goal should be to master your mind and create the right beliefs to achieve your goals.  The Secret presents the motto of  “Well, just a few illusions and  some visualizations” with no personal or mental development  attached.


The Secret falls short on the personal development required to create a strong belief system

The Secret does not mention discipline is necessary to apply the law of attraction. From my experienceit takes consistent discipline and consistent management of your mind to reach your goals . I’m not a religious person, however I do this religiously everyday.  I train my mind for a little while each day  and as a result of  I’m confident it is  one of the most  powerful tools to induce what you would like in your life. It’s simple. It’s not easy. No method or training will function without discipline. Think about it for a second if it was straightforward and easy, everybody would have what they wanted. The consistent and simple techniques you use to train your mind can be laborious and hard initially but I think you will find that they are worth it. Mental Development isn’t a scary or evil concept here, it’s an honest way of beginning a new belief. Why does one assume that creating a new life will take no effort? Can you learn any new skills or get in better shape without discipline and practice?  You have to be ready for a new life change and with that comes a new set of beliefs which will be acquired by rigorous training of your mind . When you find a way to use any mental or psychological techniques to put you in the right mental state you are one step closer to your new life or goal but don’t stop there make it a daily habit and you may just be pleasantly surprised with what follows.

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