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What Pepsi really got wrong

(CNN)The revolution will be televised. But who knew it would come in the form of Kendall Jenner, a Kardashian fashion model, bringing peace to attractive street protestors by fearlessly offering a hunky riot cop a cold can of Pepsi? The hokey restaging of recent political history — including protest signs reading “Join the Conversation”– was Read more »

John Burnside: Writing is what I steal from the usual flow of things

The prolific poet and novelist on insomnia, noise sensitivity and the glorious salvation of the writers residency My writing day: say it like that and its a highly inviting proposition. Immediately, I picture the comfortable, mildly ritualistic routine of the self-sufficient author, immersed in the stylistic minutiae of some new, and still untarnished magnum opus, Read more »

The man who could make Marine Le Pen president of France

The Long Read: Florian Philippot is the strategist behind the rebranding of the extreme right Front National as a populist, anti-elite movement. But dont mistake him for a moderate On the night of the US election, Florian Philippot, the closest adviser to the French far-right leader France would be next, he said, promising that Marine Read more »