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Dorothy Day review: biography of a radical rebel is the masterpiece she deserves

John Loughery and Blythe Randolph achieve wonders in their life story of one of Francis Is four morally exemplary Americans An iconoclast with a long, peripatetic life is an ideal subject for a biography. Add in motley enthusiasms and fierce convictions, plus connections to many of the most audacious artists and activists of her time, Read more »

Feasting on fantasy: my month of extreme immersion in Disney+

The long read: Disneys new streaming service arrived in the UK just as the coronavirus lockdown kicked in. With so many hours to fill, it seemed like a sensible investment. Pretty soon, it was infiltrating my every waking hour. A few weeks ago, on a day that was probably like today now that the days Read more »

‘I crack up every time’: comedians’ all-time favourite standup routines

Top comics pick the routines that make them howl with laughter, from Eddie Murphy on Rocky to Eddie Izzard on penknives and Michelle Wolf on womens worst enemies Five sublime minutes about absolutely nothing at all Phil Wang: Andy Dalys routine about nothing BudPod, Phil Wangs podcast with Pierre Novellie, is available on Apple Podcasts, Read more »

The ‘game changer’ that wasn’t: Company falsely claimed FDA authorization for coronavirus blood test

(CNN)The company claimed it would distribute the first coronavirus antibody test authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration. It promised to detect current and past infections in as little as two minutes — with just a tiny amount of blood. But the company’s claims of an FDA-authorized coronavirus antibody test have been explicitly refuted Read more »