5 Tips to deal with Stress


No matter who you are or what you do: you must have experienced a stressful situation at least once in your life, simply because you are human! The main issue with stress is not to be able to eradicate it completely from your life, which is a rather unrealistic task, but being able to properly manage it and improve the quality of your lifestyle at home and at work.

The five tips below will help you handle stressful situations with the right attitude!

1) Don’t overthink your expectations: being overwhelmed by expectations from yourself or other people might become a powerful stress triggers. It is important to be able to deal with the fact that no matter how good a job you do or how good a person you are – not everyone is going to appreciate your efforts. There are always going to be people, colleagues or customers who are not going to be satisfied with what you do, even if you do it “by the book”. It is important to simply accept this fact

2) Don’t overwork yourself: it is easy to get stressed, depressed or even ill if there is simply too much on your plate. Take it easy and do things smarter, not harder!

3) Value your breaks and get some time for yourself: Breaks can help you restore your patience, focus and motivation – but you really do need to take a break for real: don’t be obsessed with checking your emails when you are sipping a cappuccino during a pause!

4) Hot beverages? Yes, they do help. A nice cup of  chamomile, for example, is known offer stress relief.

5) Your personal mantra? It might sound cheesy, but many people “build” mantras, songs and scenes in their heads that effectively helps them keep calm and focused. You might be one of those people who could find comfort in a “secret buzzword”, song or mind that you can sing to yourself in your head…or out loud when nobody’s watching! Even if it might sound weird to you, there’s no harm in trying, you might be surprised by the incredibly cathartic experience


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