Be a Problem Solver! Focus on the Solution not the Problem

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Change your focus on solutions not problems

It matters not what happens to you in  life but what you choose to give your attention to. What is the worth in dissecting how you came to feel the way you do, act the way you do, recognize the way you do, or the circumstances you are in?  Remembering your past will do nothing to change your future. This is dependent upon Cognitive Therapy ideas. Basically, cognitive treatment begins with the way you feel and how you observe things and afterward strives to change your musings and discernment so you can feel better.

There are just two special cases I can consider where dissecting the past could be useful. One is to take a gander at what went completely wrong in the past so you don’t make the same errors later on. Alternatively is whether you are legitimately unequipped for pushing ahead without noting the inquiry “why”. A case of this may be that your family or friends were injurious to you and regardless of how hard you tried, you basically can’t push ahead from the scars they exacted until you comprehend why they did it. Other than that, there is no profit in remembering the past. You’re here in the now. You have this problem or circumstance here in the now. It is time to address your problem or circumstance here in the now and making headway.

The truth is, regardless of the fact that you figure out the reply to the inquiry “why” it normally does not improve the situation or make you feel better. Nor does it make your problems go away or make you change your behavior. Your thoughts and beliefs were produced through years of childhood, convictions and encounters. It not uncommon, no doubt, that all your beliefs and thoughts which you have disguised through the years, will be in a flash “altered” by discovering the reply to an inquiry like “why was my family/ friends harsh?” These examples of thought and practices are so imbued in you that you probably are not even conscious that they exist, and they continue to occur until you address them. Finding out “why” is not set to change that.


Change your focus to change the problem

Focus on the result, not the problem“. That may as well turn into all our mantras. The issue is here; we can’t backtrack in time and transform it. Understanding how the issue came to be, still won’t tackle it. Assigning fault for the issue won’t settle it either. So why waste time and vigor on the issue. Put that time and vigor into the result, regardless of what the issue is. Whatever it may be focus on the result, not the issue.

This implies that you don’t ask “why me”, you don’t wallow in your own particular despondency, you don’t ask others for what reason they think this “thing” befell you. All of that is keeping tabs on the problem. Throw yourself totally into discovering the result. When you kill all the pessimism connected with focusing on the problem, you free your psyche up to think proactively. It is difficult to be negative and positive simultaneously. So if its all the same to you are in a positive edge, you can access the innovative solutions to begin comprehending  piece of  mind for your situation. Even when we rest, our subconscious works on the result if that is the thing that we were attempting to do before we went to bed. That is the reason we regularly wake with answers for our issues.

I read sites, listen to individuals at work, listen to my companions, listen to my folks, and other various outlets. The majority of people are concentrated on problems. “The economy is awful”, “individuals are losing their employment”, “they cut my government managed savings”, “I am forlorn and can’t find anybody”, “my manager is unendurable”, “my work burden is excessively overwhelming”, “I simply can’t get in through to my wife”… .the agenda is perpetual. It is uncommon that somebody will state an problem and afterward offer an answer for fix it. I am persuaded that if these individuals put even 50% of the vigor into focusing on the result as they waste by whining about their problems, fixating on their problems, and asking “for what reason is this befalling me”, they might think of different answers for their problems.

I worked with a  friend that was laid off a year prior to me. Each time I find him, or somebody I work with catches him he says the same things and asks the same questions. “Why did they  release me”. “I  provided the best I had and what do they do let me go with no warning.” “They have no clue how long I put into the organization and the things I accomplished for them and this is the pay back I get”. Then he will ask “how is the fellow who supplanted me getting along? I wager he is having the same problems I did. Do they treat him like they treated me?” He simply can’t get his center of the issue, and its been just about a year!

A year of remembering the issue. A year of attempting to examine why it happened. A year of his musings devoured by this problem. An entire year of his life has all in all been squandered by concentrating on the problem. You can see it in his face. He looks crushed and discouraged. He has no trust in light of the fact that he has not relinquished the problem. He has not kept tabs on the result. He still can’t discover an occupation or a goal. I am certain that when he strives for a meeting, he appears to be so down thus apathetic they simply say “we’ll call you”. The prospective executives must have the ability to see that he is a broken man.

You can always improve your life by focusing on the solution not the problem

Assuming that he could have basically said to himself, “well, there is nothing I can do about what happened, what’s carried out is carried out. Time to begin deciphering where I need to go from here”, he might have been so much more satisfied. He might resemble a fellow that is prepared to work rather than somebody who feels crushed. He might be putting out resumes, looking over his meeting abilities, conceptualizing different choices, and searching at the potential outcomes for his future with energy and trust. I am certain he might have discovered an occupation or a talent at this point and the spot where he used to work might be an inaccessible memory.

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