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Should You Own A Small Business?

Reasons Why Many People Fail At Small Business Right now millions of people are throwing in the proverbial towel. They are closing up shop, giving up on their dreams of being independent, owning their own business and triumphing with ease. You may find yourself amidst the decision to close doors, and if that’s the case, Read more »

Multi-level Marketing Compensation Plans

Why are  Multilevel marketing Compensation Plans Important? Multilevel marketing compensation plans are really very rewarding if you can really succeed in this business. MLM is one of the most popular ways through which marketing is undertaken, in the recent times. This marketing strategy is mostly known for the compensation provided not only to the sales Read more »

Your Business & Social Media

  How To Create A Business Connection Through Social Media Social media is connecting millions of people with connecting with professionals of all industries. While this may seem like a complicated endeavor, you can try your luck with this, if you take on the goal of learning how to do it right. Creating a business Read more »

The Benefits of Network Marketing

Why Network Marketing?? When it comes to starting a business of any type, you’ll find that there are benefits that cycle through which help your business grow drastically in various sectors. One of these sectors is customer focus which you can know more about here and the other is Network marketing. In regards to network Read more »

Difference Between A Boss And A Leader

Difference Between a Boss and a Leader You may not think that there is a distinction between a boss and a leader, but there are some traits that are exclusive to each. For those that want true success in this life, and in regards to business, it’s important to become a leader. When you’re in Read more »

Four Personality Colors

What Personality are you? There are a lot of different elements in life that you can attribute to personalities. You’ll find that amidst the variables that you can flow through, color associations can come through. Personalities, for instance, can be attributed different color elements and create serious defining points. Understanding what your color type is Read more »

Creating Good Relationships Is The Key To A Successful Business

  Are you creating good relationships in your business?? Many people assume that the world of business is them against the world. That cannot be further from the truth. No matter what industry you’re in, you’re going to have to create a lot more communication than just your business and the client or customers. It’s Read more »


  Why should you consider creating different streams of income? In my previous posts I have mentioned the that time is more important than money. Multiple income streams can help free up your time but there more benefits to it than that. There is no doubt about it; the value of having multiple income streams is Read more »

What is the difference between wealth and financial abundance?

Wealth and financial abundance Many people believe that wealth and financial abundance are synonyms, but, they are not. Wealth is something that has to be earned, worked for, stolen or deceived. While, financial abundance is the position you gain with the belief that you are wealthy. When we see all of this with a philosophical approach, money Read more »