Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” –Mark Twain

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose!

How can you discover your life’s purpose ? I’m not discussing your occupation, your every day obligations, or even your long term goals. I mean the genuine motivation behind why you’re here at all and the very reason you exist. Maybe you’re a fairly skeptical individual who doesn’t accept you have a purpose and that life has no significance. Consider that the fact your belief you have no purpose actually is a purpose in and of itself. It is the same argument that objective reality does not exist  is a truth in and of itself. Your purpose is about you as I have said before you can change the world or you can watch others change it. Disregard all notions of what society, your parents, and your friends are telling you that you have to do. Do this for yourself not out of obligation but for fulfillment in your own life.

How can you uncover your purpose in life? While there are numerous approaches to do this, some of them reasonably included, here is one of the most straightforward that anybody can do. The more open you are to this methodology, and the more you anticipate that it will work, the speedier it will work for you. However not being interested in it or having questions about it or supposing its an altogether doltish and unimportant exercise in futility won’t keep it from acting as long as you stay with it — once more, it will simply take more time to meet.


Here is how to discover your life purpose

Try this exercise daily to get started!

1. Go into a room where you will not be disturbed.

2. Find a way to relax ( classical music, silence, alpha meditation,)

3. Write, Visualize, or ask yourself  out loud what has been my most empowering / happiest / blissful life experience ( we are going for a specific feeling here)

4. The experience or set of experiences your subconscious mind provides you are the best place to start. You will know by the feeling you get from reminiscing on these experiences.


Keep searching for your purpose

I am still searching for my purpose everyday. I have found I enjoy writing, public speaking, working with computers,  and personal development. It is also possible that  you are not limited to one life purpose.  You might likewise find a couple of answers that appear to provide for you a smaller than expected surge of feeling, however  if they don’t fill your being with happiness  they’ might not be what you are searching for. Highlight those replies as you come, so you can return to them to create new changes. Each one reflects a bit of your motivation, however independently they aren’t finished. When you begin getting these sorts of replies, it simply means you’re getting warm. Continue onward. It’s critical to do this alone and with no interference. In case you’re an doubtful , then don’t hesitate to begin with  “I don’t Know’ or I’m still searching” . The answer will come to you in time. I hope you can find your purpose to a more fulfilling life!!!

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