Four Personality Colors


What Personality are you?

There are a lot of different elements in life that you can attribute to personalities. You’ll find that amidst the variables that you can flow through, color associations can come through. Personalities, for instance, can be attributed different color elements and create serious defining points. Understanding what your color type is can help you build towards success. If you want to build a successful platform in any major arena, you’ll want to understand the four personality colors that are attributed to individuals today. You may have traits from each one, or you could lean strong within one category. With all the puzzle pieces in place, however, you can end up with a serious launch into true success.


The yellow color is often attributed to individuals that are sensitive to the needs of others. They are also excellent at handling multiple responsibilities at once. Remember your teacher or your nurse?  Multitasking becomes the easy thing to flow through, and jumping back into the mix after taking a fall is often the case with this type of individual. You’ll find that if you’re within this color element, you’ll be pushing to help others in a rough situation, and taking on challenges that others don’t.


Emotional but steadfast, stubborn yet able to delineate the right path to cross, this color creates a wealth of elements. Picture a salesman or a public speaker full of energy. These individuals can turn into natural leaders, bosses, and stand tall when something goes wrong. They stick to their gut feelings, and turn anxiety into strength when the time is right.


The personality of red takes on the management of the organization. Think of examples such as a CEO or an attorney. This is person is usually is always on the go making decisions towards a set goal. Focused, and efficient, this personality type will deliver when the odds are against them. These individuals are fiercely driven to a result and can go through an incredible amount of work towards a common goal as a single person or part of a team.


This personality type can be labeled as an introvert some times. People within this world are logical, smart, and need a bit of time to think before moving forward. A green oriented occupation would be an accountant or an engineer. They are talented, incredible resources for teams, and are often times more analytical than emotional. They trust data more than they do their gut instincts, and tend to balance things out very carefully before making a final decision overall.

Discover your colors and your team

The above four personality types can be naturally given to you or you could work on them.

These colors connect and create team structures that are well worth pursuing. When you have all these types together, you’ll find that true success can rise in any arena. Without them working together, however, chaos will reign and success can be harder to come by.

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