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From Man To Machine: A Look At The Social Impact Of Technology On Humanity

When discussing the Law of Attraction, most people generally think of their interactions in real life – not the interactions that they have that involve a technical side of things. While it’s true that you can generally see the biggest effects from believing in and working with the Law of Attraction when actually talking to other people, but we often overlook how important our interaction with technology can be when building confidence, belief in oneself, and your entourage.

Facebook – The Confidence Killer, Or The Confidence Booster

Facebook can be particularly toxic to those of us who feel like we are the least popular of our group. Studies have shown that prolonged use of social media like Facebook tends to cause people to feel more insecure, and depressed. Of course, it’s all in how you use it. Many people who are insecure often use Facebook to see all the negative drama people have to say about them, which in turn, makes them feel worse.
However, in small doses, Facebook can become a very easy way to reach out to other positive, successful people and establish new connections. In fact, many employers and CEOs have mentioned both LinkedIn and Facebook to be major sources of networking and sourcing new employees.

Gaming – A Source Of Isolation, Or Stress Release?

Gaming, particularly MMORPGs and other multiplayer games, tend to be worlds within their own, often becoming a major source of entertainment, distraction, and even socializing among those who play them. It’s true that many people who normally would not be able to find many friends in their current towns use online gaming as a way to meet new people, bond with them, and even relieve stress from day to day work. In this way, they are using the Law of Attraction to attract new friends in similar positions that can help be supportive of their lifestyles. And, that can be a lifesaver for many.
Amazingly enough, business oriented minds can use the Law of Attraction to turn their online gaming accounts into a source of money if they are savvy. Networking with the right people who are fans of the game can help them tap into massive second economies that often have real life equivalents. One only needs to look at Second Life, Runescape, and World of Warcraft for examples of how people capitalized on their love of gaming, and their love of money!
However, there is always a flip side to the technical worlds that we can build, and when it comes to things like Second Life and Wow, it becomes scary how dangerous the flip side of the Law of Attraction can be. Many newspaper headlines exist which tell tales that involve people faking their deaths to play games, or even neglecting children until they died due to the demands of the online gaming community.

E-Books, Sites And Forums

Of course, the online exchange of information and networking has proven itself to be a goldmine for many. Depending on the content that you read, you may end up finding a positive or negative change in your life. Reading things that enrich you, educate you, inspire you, or otherwise bring you to a better place will cause you to experience a positive change in other parts of your life. On the other hand, visiting sites that are known for negativity, or constantly reading depressing things, will very likely cause you to feel depressed and lose the confidence in yourself. Psychologists say that we often underestimate how much of an effect content has on the way that we see the world, the way we see others, and even the way that we see ourselves. It makes a lot of sense, then, that the Law of Attraction would end up being what illustrates the major difference content focus can make in a person’s life.

The Bottom Line About The Tech World

The Law of Attraction is present in almost every single interaction that we have, whether it’s online or offline. If you are going to try out any of the kind of worlds that online communities offer, it’s important to think about how to incorporate positivity into it. Of course, it is even more important to remember that the tech world, as well as all the cool apps out there, always are going to need to take a back seat to the life that you have in real life.
One can say that the Law of Attraction most shows its true power when used positively, in moderation. If you don’t do much to keep things moderate, or if you use your time on tech gear to cause problems for yourself or others, you will likely see the Law of Attraction’s uglier side.

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