Hero Sister Makes Cookbook Even Her Stupid Older Brother Can Understand

For many of us, cooking isakin to alchemy. It can be extremely daunting, especially if youve already given up on it being a part of your life.

(And by cooking I mean, like, making yourself a meal that is not pasta with the good cheese on it or chicken put in a hot pan until it wont give me salmonella.)

Sometimes, all you need is someone to help guide you to the culinary realm with simple and delicious recipes (this has not yet happened to me, Im just assuming).

Anyway, one Imgur userdecided to be that guide for her older brother. She titled the post Recipe Book I Made My Kitchen Challenged Older Brother.

Yeah, this amazing sister made herbrother, who cannot cook, a cookbook perfectly fitted to his nonexistent culinary skill set.

I want this cookbook extremely badly. Also, it has the best title of any cookbook since I made myself one called PUT CHEESE IN MOUTH WHEN DRUNK.

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