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How To Be Confident

  What Makes Some People Confident? Do you ever ponder what it is about some individuals that makes them so confident? So totally content in their own skin while transmitting such positive, charming vitality? I used to ponder this as well. I learned confidence is something that can be practiced and taught. I believe anyone Read more »

How Strong is your Desire? Is it on fire?

What is it that your desire? Just how strong is your desire for something? Exactly what is it you want and exactly how bad do you desire it? Napolean Hill developed a basic collection of actions to achieve our greatest or what is referred to as our burning desire. We initially figure out specifically what Read more »

Unbreakable Faith!!!!

    How strong is your faith ? FAITH is the head pharmacist of the mind. When FAITH is combined with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly choices up the vibration, converts it into its spiritual matching, and conveys it to Infinite understanding, as in the case of plea. The emotions of belief, Read more »