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Carbonara wars: why Italy is right to be mad about a French farfalle travesty

A French websites reinvention of the traditional Italian dish has been condemned for its use of creme fraiche among other unholy tweaks. Heres my version of this gloriously simple dish Nothing is so guaranteed to make the Italian blood boil like a well-salted pan of pasta as a foreigner fiddling with their food. So a Read more »

Rachel Roddys Italian sausage with tomato and pepper sauce recipe | A Kitchen in Rome

Rachel Roddy recipes: A rustic recipe for sausages in a rich pepper and tomato sauce inspired by the typically candid pages of Italian cookery idol Marcella Hazan delicious, everyday alchemy with flavours and textures that just work I bought my copy of Marcella Hazans Via del Moro, exquisite and grubby, sat down on the even Read more »