The 3 States of Mind

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The Conscious Mind

Your conscious mind is the only part of your mind that thinks and uses the five senses. This is the part of the mind you are using to read this and this is the part of the mind I am using to write this article. That’s why most people use their conscious mind power to solve problems and to achieve their goals. However, the conscious mind power is limited, as compared to the subconscious mind power and superconscious mind power. The most important conscious mind power is the power of choice. It has the power to decide what information to enter into your subconscious mind, but most people are not exercising this power. What you are currently experiencing a a conscious level is being entered into your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind also has the power to reprogram your subconscious mind, mainly through repetition. For instance, remember the first time you learnt to drive a car, when you had to consciously think of which paddle to step and which gear to shift? But now, you no longer have to consciously think of these actions and people do it even when they have some drinks, and for this the use of a dui defense in nashville could really help with this.

They have become automatic, i.e. you are able to do it subconsciously. Through repetition, you have programmed your subconscious mind. Once it is in your subconscious, it becomes automatic. While it’s true for driving a car, it is also true for achieving success in life!


The Power of the Subconscious and Superconscious Mind

You may not in any case think about Subconscious and Superconscious Mind  or even realize they exist. Regardless of what your comprehension of these mental structure are, these deeper parts of your brain have incredible impact on you.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious makes sure our bodies automated functions work. You don’t have to remember to breathe or digest do you? That is the also  reason our body is has the ability to physically recover from ailments. It has the ability to mend any infections or injuries  you can are faced with. It has has some amazing other functions.  The subconscious can alert us when we or our family is physical in danger from an outside source. Think of a parent or a family member that can just tell something is going wrong and act in time to stop it.  It is our super memory bank. It stores all our past encounters.  The subconscious also works with what we call the law of attraction. It is similar to a magnet. It has the ability give us what we ask for based on our beliefs system. This part of our mind will resonate with our beliefs to create our reality. Finally the subconscious mind is a liaison with the Superconscious as it sends and gets data to and from the Superconscious mind to help you and I with our every day problems.

From various perspectives the intuitive personality is much like the circle stockpiling on a machine. It is utilized to store the projects and information that the machine needs to work with. Your cognizant personality is similar to the processor on the machine which recovers the projects and information and methods them to work your body.

A sample of how the intuitive personality functions is the point at which we are driving an auto long separation and got to be ‘lost in our musings’ just to discover we are miles not far off without any cognizant review of the mediating field we have gone through. Our subliminal personality carried on driving the auto effectively by using the car oil filter during this period. An alternate time may be the point at which we “unknowingly” turn in the course towards our work environment on our vacation day, when we “intentionally” needed to go some place else. All these “oblivious” projects are of incredible profit more often than not as they naturally help us to lead our lives, leaving our cognizant personality allowed to investigate new contemplation’s. Sadly there are a few “oblivious” or “intuitive” programs that are not advantageous to us and they can unequivocally conflict with us.


The Superconscious Mind

While the cognizant and subliminal parts of our psyche are nearly adjusted to our physical shell or body, the Superconscious brain is super physical. As such it exists at a level expanding past our space time continuum.

In the event that we took a gander at our sample of a machine – it can be compared to the web, which empowers us to interface with each other machine on the planet and the individuals utilizing those machines. However with the Superconscious association we needn’t bother with some other innovation than what we are conceived with. Through the Superconscious it is feasible for us to interface with each other personalities and ideas on this planet.

However joining with our Superconscious opens up much more extensive entryways than simply connecting to different personalities. It is likewise that part of our being that exists before we were conceived and survives our passing – some additionally call this perspective the higher self.

Napoleon Hill notes the Superconscious as the source of  Infinite Intelligence. Researchers call it the Universal Mind or the collective conscious. This state of mind is theorized to be a connection of all the subconscious minds in existence. A those who study mysticism term this state of being as the Unconscious Mind. I first learned the term Superconscious when reading David St.Clair’s book Lessons In Instant ESP. He describes it as an all knowing force that has the ability to give not only you but multiple people the solutions to solving problems in their everyday life or creating great inventions. The way he suggests to utilize this state of mind is to simply ask the Superconscious  for help when you are stuck in a situation with no apparent solution. You simply say Superconscious  “I need an answer a about how to get more customers for my business” or “I would like to know  how to give a great speech tomorrow”. Once you ask the Superconscious prepare to receive an answer to the problem in some way shape or form. The Superconscious can be very effective if you chose to utilize it for problem solving!

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