The Gorgeous ‘Merbabe’ Latte Exists And It’s Making Serious Waves On Instagram

In case you havent already noticed, Im a huge fan of colorful lattes (like, HUGE).

Of course, Ill settle for a cup of black coffee any day of the week but Id much rather my morning fixbe pink, blue and sparkly. Thats why I was so freakin obsessed with the Unicorn Latte when it came out.

The Unicorn Latte (not to be mistaken for the Unicorn Frappuccino) was released in January by a cafe in Brooklyn called The End. Needless to say, I became a loyal customer shortly after the unicorns were let loose.

Oh, side note: The Ends Unicorn Latte came Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. In fact, the Brooklyn-based cafe recently sued Starbucks because they thought they stole their magical latte idea. So the Merbabe Latte will be the next big thing but I digress.

Now that summer is quickly approaching, Ive been on the hunt for a new go-to iced latte andI think I found my new favorite.

Its called the Merbabe Latte, and it was created by the same masterminds behind the Unicorn Latte.

Hooray for mystical creatures!

Amanda Fama

The Merbabe Latte (as well as the Merbabe Latte) is a refreshing new beverage available at The End through their plant alchemy bar. Almost all of its ingredients are found in the ocean, so it was named the MerbabeLatte.

Youll be channeling your inner mermaid with this nautical drink. Plus, its gorgeous. Can you imagine the Instagram picsyoull post all summer long?

In fact, some people have already started the #MerbabeLatte trend.

This mer-made my day.

Not only is the Merbabe latte pretty AF, but its also good for you yes, seriously.

The latte was inspired by hard-working, go-getter women who need a boost of energy from time to time. Therefore, The End created the Merbabe Latte to provide women (and men, of course) with the natural energy they need.

Elite Daily talkedMadeleine Murphy, the co-owner of The End, and she told usexactly how the Merbabe Latte came to existence.

She said,

All the drinks I come up with, I like them to have a purpose and really kind of excite people. Im constantly surrounded by the most inspiring women ever, and I think right now the Future is Female movement is very real, and I just keep seeing all these people doing everything from having a family to running a business, starting activism movements, creative types

and Im just so drawn, to like, Whats a drink that really helps support these awesome females in my life, sort of on every level to nurture them physically? Your physical health, your emotional health, your spiritual health, your hormonal health so I started looking up some of my favorite ingredients that Ive used for that.

And so, the Merbabe Latte was born.

Amanda Fama

Maddy continued, We have so much potential as women, but sometimes theres something holding us back because we arent nourishing ourselves.

With the help of a Merbabe Latte, well get the natural energy we need to make it through our busy days (plus a really, pretty Instagram picture).

Amanda Fama

A few superfoodingredients inside the Merbabe Latte are dragonfruit,schizandra berry, marine collagen (awesome for your skin), coconut milk with blue-green algae, co-co foam and kelp flakes.

Oh, we cant forget about the vegan sprinkles (aka, the ocean pearls).

This is one empowering latte, and Im about to hop on the #Merbabe movement.

If you want to try one and snap a few pics for your Insta account, take a trip to New York City this summer.

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