What Is Existence Truth and Self-Awareness

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“The definition of existence is to be aware of consciousness”-Killswitch Engage Time will Not Remain

What does it mean to exist?

The power of existence is very hard to describe. We are born for some purpose but the main point is we are failing to know it. Personality growth or personal development can only happen if you know the purpose of your life. It is very important to understand what the objective of your life is. You should not imitate other people’s idea. Self-knowledge is the key to personal development. You should be able to recognize your weakness without hiding them once you deal with your weaknesses then your personality automatically changes. These are certain things which you should keep in mind for personal development. It is you who should develop each day and try to develop other people through your workings. But before this you should have belief in yourself that you will bring a purpose to your life. There are certain factors which when you develop there will be a quality for your existence. Belief is one of the biggest factors for your existence. If you do not have the belief then you will not be able to face challenges. You should know that the power lies within you; and only a strong belief can bring that out.


The search for Truth

Another important factor is truth and this factor is one of the most important one. People should understand the power of truth. This quality can only be developed by implementing in day to day activities. If you are in the habit of doing something wrong then, be honest and true to yourself that you will not do it from that day. The next time when you perform the same wrong activity, punish yourself for breaking the promise. If you are true to yourself then only you will understand how truthfulness can change your life. Truth is an objective content. The content of the truth does not depend on passion, imagination or other qualities of human beings. The concept of truth depends on two factors that is honesty and sincerity. Truth can also be defined as the objective and purpose of science. All scientific studies try to find the truth of certain phenomena. It is really hard to be truthful but when you overcome this hurdle you will find yourself a proper human being and people will look up to you for suggestions.

Using Self-Awareness to Achieve Happiness

Self-awareness is a very important thing and this is the key to permanent happiness. You can completely change your life through the element of self-awareness. Self-awareness can also be called as mindfulness. It is impossible to change the trait within you which you are not aware of. Self-awareness holds you from telling something negative or believing something wrong. It is only through self-awareness that you can achieve happiness in your life. The unconscious patterns in your life are highlighted by self-awareness so that you can be conscious about them and change them. Self-awareness brings a positive energy in your life and this is the reason why it is so important to bring the happiness which you desire for. Lead a life full of meaning and purpose then only you will find the ultimate happiness.

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