What is the difference between wealth and financial abundance?

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Wealth and financial abundance

Many people believe that wealth and financial abundance are synonyms, but, they are not. Wealth is something that has to be earned, worked for, stolen or deceived. While, financial abundance is the position you gain with the belief that you are wealthy. When we see all of this with a philosophical approach, money or wealth is the flow of energy, which comes from two perspectives; having the wealth itself and being financially abundant. Having wealth means you have been able to create the flow of the energy of the wealth. Financial abundance means being aware and being able to manage that flow of the energy of wealth and to turn your life into rewards by utilizing your wealth. So, there is the both aspects of our financial well-being, our emotion and our happiness. But you have to believe you deserve this flow of energy.


Wealth and Abundance are your mindset

Accumulating wealth is easy. But, achieving financial abundance is relatively hard due to the few factors related to the mindset. These factors are your view about wealth, your belief about yourself and thoughts of people around you. Many people believe that money is evil. Similarly, a lot of wealth doesn’t fit the values of some families. Due to all of this, people consciously or unconsciously create their own judgement. Money or wealth on to itself may not be the source of the evil. It’s how we think about the money that creates the evil. So, when you own the wealth, you have to check what you are thinking about it. Then, you have to believe you deserve your wealth. Thoughts are really contagious and if you get along with people with negativity you will unknowingly adopt their ideas. And when you come in contact with people with abundance that overflows, it splashes on to you.


Enjoy your life and be abundant

Sometimes, we hear that some people suddenly got shot to fame, they won the lottery or worked very hard and made millions. And in just a few years, they went bankrupt and in need of the services of a bankruptcy attorney. The reason behind it might be their mindset. They didn’t believe in themselves, didn’t believe that they were financially abundant and they didn’t believe that they deserved it, even though they had wealth. Therefore, to achieve financial abundance we have to work on a positive personal development.
Abundance isn’t just about the money or wealth, it’s about all of life, it’s enjoying everything. In the simplest sense, wealth is your hard earned asset and when you believe you deserve it and enjoy it’s benefits you are financial abundant.

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