Why Persist?

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The Value of Persistence

No matter what you want to do in life, there are going to be hurdles to jump over. This happens in all aspects of what you do, whether personal or professional. It’s amidst the adversity that you will find the value of persistence start to come through. It’s easy to hit a wall and then just give up, but for those that are serious about achieving goals, finding a way to surpass the walls that come up is the one thing that will manifest true success. Success is not often granted to those that don’t give a fight, and for those that seemingly have success without trying, it is quickly taken away from them. There’s value in consistently fighting, and it is a matter of tenacity.

Struggle Is Not Failure

The first thing that you should consider is that you struggle does not equate to failure. Yes, there are going to be moments that you may miss the goal that you have in mind, but if that defeats you, you will not reach the greater glory down the line. Think about legendary sports figures, and you will realize that the value of persevering is far more incredible than the failures that you have to deal with. The legends of the sports world miss a great deal, including big time players like Michael Jordan. Those incredible misses, those losses, and failures to gain serious leverage in their sport, builds to an eruption of success that cannot be accomplished with learning from those experiences.

The Reality of Training

The value of persistence is best illustrated through training. For those that are in school, going to the gym, or simply learning something new, there’s value in the training process. It’s in the moments where you have to pick up something new and try to apply it for the future of your life that you start to learn. Day one is not going to be easy. The first day that you enter your training program, whether physical or mental, things will be difficult. If you face the opposition and perceive that it’s too hard, you may drop your hands, and just walk away. Millions give up when things get tough, and resolutions made are broken.

Instead of giving up, instead of throwing in the towel when things seem rough, persistence will deliver a greater good than you can imagine. Whether you’re mountain climbing, running a marathon, or trying to make money online, if you keep taking steps forward, you will get to the top of success.

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